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Posca on Paper

Size: B4


Pink Spirit

We met still not knowing how the fixed world works

Living so freely through our displaced naive perks

Your pink contagious laugh sparks the blue infinite trees

Blessing the peaceful message of the truly wonderful bees

I wonder where I would unconsciously be

Ignoring fluorescent lights that I vividly see

what happened to all those times, I’ve never seen the beauty of

Keen moments in my life, I’ve never fully grasped

The blessings of true matter, fade right in front of me

I don’t know where im headed… I’m lost

The sharp buzzing right next to my hard spoiled bed

Seeing but not seeing the message solely placed behind what she said

The time it took me to fully realize

Whats the Point of our plastic dull vibes

My heart moving rapidly

Thinking only so savagely

Pure lust defaulting my grey lost mind

Insulting in many with a unseen sign of sighs

Why does my mind work like this,

One should be enough with his

I wish I could see the unseen

I wish I could have seen the unseen

I wish…          

I wish your warm heart touched the pure blue dreams