Kai Edward Kobayashi
8/15/94 (26)
Lived in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Arizona USA
Now Based in Tokyo
June - Koenji "AMAGASA" exhibition
September - "RED HOT" exhibition
November - Harajuku "Nothing to Lose" exhibition
February - Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka Exhibition & Talk event
March - Harajuku Hasshadai Cafe Live Paint
August - Chiba Tateyama 3m x 5m Canvas Live Paint
August - Osaka, Machioka Store Wall Paint
October - Gallery Conceal "In Memory of the Bright Pink Spirit" Solo Exhibition
"Eye of the Flower"
"Blurred Moments"



Before coming to Japan, living in multiple countries has helped me see a different view of the world. Not a stagnant flat view but a view where the people matter the most. I believe when we are too closed minded and only see the surface, we lose our selves and in return we forget to love. Love our life, our friends, our family, our day, our time, our moment on this beautiful place called earth.