Tacos & Guac

Posted by KaiKobayashi on

Today I got up late and headed for the supermarket to buy some Guac ingredients

Avocados, Onions, Garlic, Cilantro, and Lime 

I came back and started cooking after a short rest

Smashing the Avo's, dicing the onions, chopping the garlic and mix them together

Today I felt for the first time cooking while actually focusing on what I am doing atm

Everything went much faster and smoother while having some Mexican tunes in the back

It was fun being in that zone but taking your time doing what you like to do

I've been watching Top Chef on Netflix and I really respect those people having a culinary career

Very harsh and long hours constantly having to be focused but also be quick

On top of that the food better be good and unique

The only art form where the art actually becomes one with you when you consume it

Very interesting, I want to cook a little more




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