The Bright Pink Spirit

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Produced by: @oceans.artist
Photo by: @amonryu
The time keeps flowing through my body
not stopping for a single feeling
whether if its for hate or for love
just continuing for the sake of the world, 
for the sake of the better of humanity 
These intriguing thoughts and emotions
came back to me on the day of August 1st
On this day I was at a beach in Chiba
about to paint this 3mx5m canvas in front of everyone
Looking back at this date
every thing felt like it was right in its place
me and this group called "Ocean's" wanted to do this live painting
at this scale because we felt that to express my self fully enough
about the whole situation that has happened around me in 2020,
I had to just...paint and let it all out.
The support from the people who are close to me
were very heartwarming 
They were there to enjoy the moment with me
and enjoy what was in front of them
Even people on the day of
some people I don't know came to look at my painting
They came to see what is going on
Some kids came and asked me what I was painting,
they seemed to want to paint
So I asked them if they wanted to paint
Their eyes lit up with light and a big smile presented on their faces
I always love working with kids
They have an imagination that has no filter
They paint what they want without even knowing what they want
and because of that something pure comes out from them
The feeling of wanting to put out your ideas into reality
Some message you want to send
I feel like we all have those feelings
but we tend to keep it inside because that's "normal"
but once we put it out there we understand more about ourselves
we understand why we did certain things
or why we feel the way we feel
Once we understand why we do certain things
we become stronger
we become free
we become happy
The day until my first solo exhibition
I was really anxious every single day
I had everything ready
but I still couldn't stay still
I'm anxious thinking about
if everyone is going to come
Everything else I know is good
The art is good
The space is good
The people behind it are good (The Ocean Boys)
The fact is, I didn't have to worry about anything
I just had to work hard and do the things I needed to do
and everything will come in one piece
My mom came
My sister, her husband, and cute baby came
My close friends came
People who support me came
What else can I ask for?
The best feeling is when your circle of people come
and us connecting with each other again
Talk about how we are doing
Understanding that we are close to each other
Understanding what we are about
and how amazing this place is
where we can feel like ourselves and be free
The biggest thing I was able to do in this exhibition
was create a space and environment
where everyone felt welcomed
where it was a place everyone can connect with
A place where we can call home for the next 3 days
To put out the energy that came out of Hana
and let people understand what kind of person she was
I was able to do that 
That's why I think this exhibition was a success
I felt like my family is growing
I felt like my community is growing
and I felt like the love is spreading
That is all I want in life
So thank you to the people who came
Thank you to the people who weren't able to come
but still support me
You guys are everything to me
and more good things are to come in the near future
Thank you
Me and the Ocean Boys


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